30 April 2007

I am very very much obsessed with Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 right now.

Such a darling! Pics are from her most recent concert to give thanks to her fans. You can find videos of the concert here!

2:13 AM;

29 April 2007

I am considering emigration for personal reasons. I am emigrating because I love long roadtrips, even though I have no interest in cars. Because mountains and cliffs and wide open beaches stir my soul. Because I want to see sparkly stars at night and fluffy clouds in the day right on the horizon. Because every place I hold close to my heart in Singapore is rapidly being torn down, redeveloped and upgraded into glitzy soulless tourist attractions. I am considering emigration because I want to be where being a little offbeat, weird, odd or downright quirky is acceptable.

Saw this off a blog (which appears inactive since last year) - a guy who has emigrated to Australia.
"glitzy soulless tourist attractions", the Integrated Resorts anyone?

I was reading this article the other day about how it's great that Singapore is building all these iconic new buildings and establishing itself as a vibrant, cool city, and yes I won't discount the fact that Singapore is a good place to live in.
But the main point the writer made is that Singapore does not seem to think so itself. There's a lot that the government aspires for Singapore - a dose of New York's gritty glamour, Paris's old-world sophistication, Shanghai's pulsing eclecticism, Tokyo's dizzying modernism, among others. Whatever happened to being Uniquely Singapore?

So cue the Singapore (after London) Eye, the casinos (the next Macau maybe?) and all the myriad of ways we keep pushing, pushing full steam ahead to be a truly 1st-world country.

At what cost, really?

And don't even get me started on the Minister Mentor, LKY's recent comment about how "if we want creative people, then we've got to put up with their idiosyncrasies as long as they don't infect the heartland" - creative people here referring to homosexuals whom he very generously allow, are "creative writers, dancers, etcetera".

Infect? Infect?!! Is he talking about lepers?
Should they all be shipped off to Pulau Bapok if they are not creative, and thus of no other economic value?

Seriously, this government and society is so homophobic, it scares the shit out of me.

For a good commentary on the issue, check this out.

Soulless? How about heartless too?

5:00 PM;

28 April 2007

Kirsten Dunst has been looking beautiful at the various premieres and photocalls for Spiderman 3 these past few days! The dresses were gorgeous and the makeup too.

Tokyo premiere in Christian Lacroix - layers and layers of soft pink chiffon, she looks like a dream!

London afterparty in Stella McCartney with beau, Johnny - chic and most of all, she's grinning in every pic.

Rome photocall in Prada - oooh, Prada! The satin, the jewel tones!

Madrid photocall in caramel sweater dress - more casual, but I really love this, the satin slip contrasted with the textured leggings is a really nice touch.

Madrid premiere - very classy and delicate.

Stockholm photocall - kind of reminds me of Camilla Bowles for some reason, but makeup's great! So fresh and soft!

Paris premiere in Rodarte - love it, the makeup's brilliant, her choice of dresses is really good.

1:20 PM;

24 April 2007

she's got hair the colour of a Pacific sunset.

the darkest parts of midnight and the bright light of day.

the hiss and crackle of vinyl.

a shoulder to cry on.

a tall mug of something strong to sip slowly.

Snippets of a review I read about Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat. Phrases that jump out at me and lodge themselves somewhere in my subconscious. Striking a chord, making my eyes do a double-take, my heart skipping a beat.

It happens from time to time. Particular phrases from articles; lyrics; images from films, magazines. Sometimes even words. Just a word. Say, a word like Atlantic, or troubadour. That haunt me, tug at my subconscious - anxious to be recognised.

This yearning I have not yet known what to put a name to. A deep, painful search to place a feeling I don't even recognise. Something, something that is there. That reasonates so strongly with my psyche, so bad that I can cry sometimes, but never being able to reconcile it to something tangible. Just what is it?

It feels like a memory I've lost somewhere along the way. Something I've once known.
And it's terribly important, and is probably the thing that has influenced my every thought and action today. But I just can't remember and it frustrates the hell out of me.

Well, here's the woman I adore with hair the colour of a Pacific sunset. The song's You Are What You Love - a favourite.

While I'm at it, here's another Pacific-sunset-haired songstress - Neko Case with the beautiful song, Maybe Sparrow.

10:51 PM;

The lovely Irina backstage at Rodarte

10:30 PM;

22 April 2007

Gorgeous. Natalia V's latest ads for CK.

2:02 PM;

21 April 2007

Tricia looking so impossibly like a Japanese lady - very pretty

Sze Wing as Marlene, Ji Rong as Isabella Bird - both ravishing

A'Dilah as Dull Gret, complete with gladiator outfit and her seahorse helmut

Meiling as the pope - "I know God, I know EVERYTHING!"

It was by far, the most brilliant, GREAT time I've had since entering uni! Every part of our preparations - the all-day meetings, costumes-hunting, rehearsals day after day, spending hours taking crazy pics with photobooth - was just absolute fun.
The Big Day, despite the hilarious gaffes - "mowling hob!", "What about Marlene?", was no doubt the best yet.

Thanks girls, for the dedication, for our joint effort to make it work, for the endless laughter.
I love you all.

"Magnificent all of you!"

7:22 PM;

19 April 2007

Isn't it a wonder how so many things take shape only when you put a name to it?

I was (and am still supposed to be) doing work.

I didn't know you would call it loneliness, until the DJ babbled on and said, "If you're feeling lonely now, I hope you'll find your other half soon."



Yet, there's also so many other things which don't exist even if you were to will it to be.
That you think about it, talk about it, feel it,
should mean it exist.
But no, it doesn't.

I'm sorry if I seem to be more cryptic than usual recently.
It's just that it's hard to put words to something that is not exactly existant.
And which merely floats around as little fragments in my memory.
Try as I might, I'm afraid I'm still the same me as I was then.

All talk and no action.

Like the phrase - how we keep practising the art of losing
from Strangely Coupled by Boey Kim Cheng.

Who would have known losing is an art?
That you could practise it?
That you could keep on practising it?

I might not have known if it wasn't something I've been doing all this time.

1:01 AM;

14 April 2007

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do I?

Can I say yes if this continues?

But where do we go from here?

12:55 PM;

"- like sweethearts rambling aimlessly through some distant land, they seemed to give off a halo of delicate, uncertain light.
The faraway sparkle in their eyes seemed like it must wake everyone who glimpsed it think back on something precious, call up the pleasant ache of a reviving memory, like a dream dreamt long ago."

Goodbye Tsugumi - Banana Yoshimoto

12:19 PM;

13 April 2007

Something about Modest Mouse's songs makes me want to swirl my head around in circles, twitch from side to side, tap my feet, and grin wildly !!

Here's Dashboard from the latest album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank.
Listen and feel that itch.

"Oh, it should've been, could've been worse than you would ever know."

1:28 PM;

12 April 2007

The sense that the three of us were becoming friends seemed to saturate the air between us like a kind of instinct, a pleasurable premonition. People who are going to get along really well know it almost as soon as they meet. You spend a little while talking and everyone starts to feel this conviction, you're all equally sure that you're at the beginning of something good. That's how it is when you meet people you're going to be friends with for a long time.

Goodbye Tsugumi - Banana Yoshimoto

Are we at the beginning of something good? I hope so!
To the Top Girls, CHEERS!

12:27 AM;

09 April 2007

The Birthday Girl and her cake

Lost in our own world in Zouk because seriously, the crowd wasn't much to look at anyway.

The Rapture was great! And they even DJed a set later and we were right upfront! Pity the people where we were didn't really get into it, and looked at us as if we were upsetting their sensibilities. Yeah, great fun still spazzing out with eager-beaver moves.

1:46 PM;

07 April 2007

Some sights are just heartbreakingly beautiful; some girls even more so.
This picture combines the two.

1:17 AM;

05 April 2007

(This may be a little too much to be asking for. But please all, can you play or download this song [right-click, 'save as...'] by Rufus Wainwright named Going to a Town before reading on? It's mesmerizing and it's kinda nice to have it playing as you read this post. I promise.)

Together, we talk of missing boats, phantom ships, and vessals with holes on their floor. It is as it says on Modest Mouse's new album - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. And here's your cue to snort.

Doomed. I would have wanted to know what killed us. Who will kill us.
But questions like these are arbitrary because doomed means the anticipation of death. The Death itself hardly counts. It's knowing death awaits.

It's always been like that, hasn't it?
Carrots on a stick, carrots we can't have, carrots beckoning...

You tell me about a certain pressure in your chest.

"How do you get over a heartbreak?"
"Good morning to you too," I should have said.

But I gaped at you incredulously. Like it wasn't a question I could have asked sitting up in bed any given morning. Like you didn't make sense. Like you were being strange.

Maybe I didn't want to think about how you might have been (I'm sure you have been) thinking that question as you stand, personal space invaded on all sides by blank-faced, sullen commuters on the train.

It doesn't seem apt. Not a question we should ask when it's still before 9 in the morning. Morning when there's still fresh air, and fresh starts are still within grasp.

Because if I'm the diluted solution of myself, you are me in its highest concentration.
If I have learned to release-hold-release-hold, you are the freefall.
You are the me I don't have the stomach for most of the time.

Poison, you are.

11:48 PM;

04 April 2007

The shape of things to come - can't wait to see Kate Moss's entire collection for Topshop!
For a preview, check out www.katemosstopshop.com
Irina is the perfect choice to model the range definitely...

5:55 PM;

1 research paper, 3 essays, and 1 project later, I've emerged from my self-imposed exile to nerddom.

But then there's still the storybook to produce and a play (Top Girls) to stage.

Strangely enough though, for all my whinging and moaning, there was a part of me that found the frenzy a tad fulfilling and the buzz from my stimulated brain cells pleasurable.

4:21 PM;

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I lean my head slowly to the side, reflect on the camellia on the moss of the temple, reflect on a cup of tea, while outside the wind is rustling the foliage, the forward rush of life is crystallised in a brilliant jewel of a moment that knows neither plans nor future, human destiny is rescued from the pale succession of days, glows with light at last and, surpassing time, warms my tranquil heart.

- The Elegance of the Hedgehog,
Muriel Barbery


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