31 July 2010

I just adore this set of photos from Zee's muji disposable of our crazy weekend at
Sentosa Cove.

10:13 AM;

20 July 2010

It's been awhile that I've been away from this blog and it's because I've been busy, busy, busy with a new part-time job and will start on a full-time position at SPH Magazines next week. The past month has been a flurry of interviews. Now that I have not one, but two jobs, both of which I get to do work I enjoy, I'm really glad I found much resonance in this statement I read somewhere,

Ditching the dream because you want immediate gratification is what's known as wimping out

and determined to take life on at my own pace.

I'm working part-time at this awesome vintage and rehabbed furnishings shop and open studio hours are Wednesday 1-8pm and Saturday & Sunday 1-7pm. Check out the site at http://www.likethatone.com and visit the frequently-updated flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/likethatone.

Or just come hang out at Skytech #09-04, 2 Bukit Batok Street 24, Singapore 659480!

11:23 AM;

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I lean my head slowly to the side, reflect on the camellia on the moss of the temple, reflect on a cup of tea, while outside the wind is rustling the foliage, the forward rush of life is crystallised in a brilliant jewel of a moment that knows neither plans nor future, human destiny is rescued from the pale succession of days, glows with light at last and, surpassing time, warms my tranquil heart.

- The Elegance of the Hedgehog,
Muriel Barbery


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