30 October 2009

At some point we must have all had it right, before we began shaping it /
holding it up to each other and explaining it. There is a reason we love
campfires and flashlights, treehouses and bicycles, and why they are drawn over
and again with different lines and with different spirits and why we continue to
find comfort in them / sometimes joy / sometimes everything. I will meet you
outside at dusk and we can go anywhere. We can go anywhere we like with cold
fingertips and everything echoing and imagine that at home there are still
dinners going cold in houses filled with yellow light.

I haven't had much time to sit and relax this week, having just started on my new job (!) in the home furnishings/lifestyle industry. It has been exhilarating to say the least. So reading the above passage, found in the Tiny Showcase newsletter (always such a lovely read), takes me somewhere really nice and comforting. When things get a little less new and exciting, I hope I'll have the spare time to sit by the ornamental lake they're creating in the park fronting my house, and finish reading my copy of Anna Karenina. That's something to look forward to isn't it? It has been the subject of my daydreams.

9:08 PM;

19 October 2009

In the week or so that has transpired between my last post and today's, my 22nd birthday has flown, and these are some of the delightful gifts I've received. Post-birthday, I've also received perhaps the singular best news, one which promises exciting things for me in the future. I'll like to thank the universe!

shadowbox from Stacy, an addition to my garden from Daryl

collage-card from Stacy

letter and calligraphy from Daryl

notebook/scrapbook from Meiling

my favourite spread:

Bill liked to pretend he
was a prism, like things
could pass through him
and be beautiful.

2:49 PM;

09 October 2009

Sometimes, there is no better reason for loving something than simply because it makes you happy. I like to think that there are subliminal impulses and connections within us which defy logic and humanly understanding. It's like the Rilo Kiley song, Science vs. Romance I guess. So I'm with Keats when he said Newton "destroyed the poetry of the rainbow by reducing it to a prism" (although this interesting article brands that as fake reductionism, but I digress.)

Anyway, this sterling combination of song and moving images definitely got me where it counts. Its bucolic charm tugs at my every heartstring I tell you.

12:07 PM;

08 October 2009

I was immediately intrigued by artist Mercedes Helnwein after watching the short clip, Dark Star, featuring her work on the Lula homepage. After reading a bunch of interviews and viewing the drawings in her online gallery, I am completely hypnotized by her and her posse of sinister girls.

12:58 PM;

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I lean my head slowly to the side, reflect on the camellia on the moss of the temple, reflect on a cup of tea, while outside the wind is rustling the foliage, the forward rush of life is crystallised in a brilliant jewel of a moment that knows neither plans nor future, human destiny is rescued from the pale succession of days, glows with light at last and, surpassing time, warms my tranquil heart.

- The Elegance of the Hedgehog,
Muriel Barbery


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