27 August 2008

Lula #7 is out and there are two covers featuring Ali Michael and Audrey Marnay. No points for guessing which one I prefer.

1:47 PM;

22 August 2008

I modeled for Zee's project a few days ago and she posted some of them. I like these best! I thought it hilarious she referred to me as her resident model...

1:30 AM;

Bondi Beach was really just breathtaking.

Manly afforded us spectacular views too, and a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood brought us on a real estate hunt (we found the perfect house!) and through nature paths onto beautiful, deserted shores.

That's all for the Aussie pics folks! I'm happy so many of you told me you liked them. Thanks!

12:26 AM;

17 August 2008

In our room in a backpacker's in Sydney

Glebe market

Hyde Park

The Theatre

The library

In the Botanic Gardens

11:10 PM;

15 August 2008

We stopped by an absolutely enchanting place, Bygone Beautys, one rainy afternoon in the Blue Mountains for Devonshire tea. It was an antique store, museum and cafe all in one (I think they provide accommodation too) and we spent a very lovely afternoon there, consuming copious amounts of tea, and loads of jam and cream on our scones.

12:14 AM;

14 August 2008

Here are pictures of us running, climbing, jumping and squatting around in Blue Mountains.

12:20 AM;

11 August 2008

We stayed in a really gorgeous place in the Blue Mountains - Kurrara Guesthouse. The entire place was beautifully furnished, and came with working fireplaces we gladly cozied up to in the wintry cold of the mountains.

11:59 AM;

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