31 May 2007


Long queue at Din Tai Fung coz we went on a Sunday! Mostly tourists though...

Needless to say - the food was pretty good.

Taking the subway to our next stop - Longshan Temple market

Heard fireworks and firecrackers going off the moment we got out onto the streets. We went into an alley where people were gathered and witnessed the setting off of a super-long firecracker! Something we can't ever see in Singapore coz it's banned. Exciting, and there were idols and banners propped about, and drumming, chanting - religious rites I think.

The dogs in Taipei are all decked out and well-groomed. Witness this Chihuahua's technicolour sweater. Better than some people in Singapore dress.

Retro game stalls by the roadside - a common sight in the night markets. Frequented by all sorts, it's an endearing sight in this technological age.

1:45 AM;


Lunch was a treat from the lovely luyi at Skylark restaurant - delish, and once again, we left totally stuffed. Went to the CAMPO market which was held at luyi's uni 政大 which was having its 80th anniversary celebrations that day so we saw lots of students milling around and got a taste of the bustling school atmosphere.

On the bus to our next stop - Taipei 101!

Mountains all around. The city that winds and stretches through them. A strange juxtaposition of man and nature. In Singapore, it's all buildings and no mountains.

Some sculptures by a Taiwanese artist exhibited on the observation deck. Grotesque representations - monsters, all sharp teeth and narrowed eyes, carved out of coral, to depict the debauchery and sins that Man indulge in. There were a few milder works of sitting Buddhas, temples amidst bamboo and little monks, but I found these fascinating. The intensity contained in these still scuptures - it felt like they would swallow me in a mouthful when my back's turned.

12:25 AM;

30 May 2007

Day2 still, after yang ming shan and headed for Dan shui.

A little worse for wear after the winding journey on the bus down the mountain. Finished about a pack of orange peel between us. Zee's queasy expression goes down as a classic.

It was pouring when we got there so no sight-seeing. Tea was yummy at 红楼 Hong lou - a magnificent red-bricked colonial building tucked away on a hill. Hanged out there for the longest time waiting for the rain to abate. Could barely move a finger after tea and dinner.

11:19 PM;

28 May 2007

Beautiful scenery up in yang ming shan. Very cold and windy.

I didn't realise what a hike it was gonna be - was half-dead after a little climbing. And Stacy and I mourned the poor fate of our new suede ballet flats...

Below are pictures of qing tian gang - rolling pastures that stretch on and on, gusts of clouds swirling around as we wandered forth, on the lookout for a nice spot to sit and rest.

We agreed it fitted our image of heaven - flat, undulated misty land, quiet, peaceful. Or at least before someone plugged her ipod into The Rapture and we started prancing and jerking like monkeys on acid.

2:54 AM;

Back from Taipei!
Loads of love goes out to Luyi of some required for being a terrific host and showing us around. Thanks girl!

I'm pretty beat still so just some initial pics from day2 for now...will probably elaborate more in my upcoming posts. Reached Taipei about evening on the 17th, so day1 was just about pigging out and getting ourselves acquainted with ximending - home for the next 9 days.

Anyway, highlights of the trip were aplenty, but one surely has to be the bargain buys we snagged there. Some of which me and my sister are modeling here...ha! (The I heart NY tee comes courtesy of dear cousin Bridget who just came back from her trip to Canada and the States. So jealous.)

2:19 AM;

16 May 2007

credit: Jalouse April 2007
"Take a Trip"
Valentine Fillol-Cordier as shot by bf, Jamie Hince

5:19 PM;

13 May 2007

Sun sun sun

11:23 PM;

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