30 September 2007

If music videos exist, really exist, in their little 3- or 4-min frames and you could step right in and live in it. Then the following ones would provide lovely homes for me.

Au Revoir Simone's Fallen Snow
80%完美的日子 (which I translate as 80% perfect day)

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27 September 2007

A day out at the Gardens

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23 September 2007

So last friday, I scooted down to Zee's uber-cool school where the lucky girl's a fashion student.

It was probably about the hottest day of the year. I got sunburnt just walking around a few hours! We escaped to the famous beancurd stall behind her school and had absolutely delicious beancurd and soya drinks.

Then it was on to Little India nearby for a spot of sightseeing.

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19 September 2007

Luella never disappoints me! Her collection for S/S08 is nothing short of fantastic. The Ghost World reference is very strong, and takes literal forms in the bat cartoons, motifs and masks the models wore.

Geek chic in its element. How much I adore those liberty prints! They are quite impossible to find - those beautiful dainty florals...

A liberty-print trench? A shiny liberty-print trench? With a metallic pom pom skirt? You've got to hand it to Bartley.

And a liberty-print shirt-dress with a tulle underskirt that is soooo sweet. The look on the right is one of my fav (tho almost every look is a fav) - the faded blue cardigan over the sassy minidress, paired with patent ankle boots. Perfection.

High-waist shorts! I like.

And if all that flowery goodness is giving you a toothache, there's nothing like some motorcycle jackets to indulge your inner badass.

image credit: style.com

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18 September 2007

New York Fashion Week S/S 08 was quite abit of a disappointment, which explains the dearth of posts here about any shows so far.

Stand-outs for me were Anna Sui, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. And of course, I'm always a fan of Erin Fetherston, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang among others. Still...nothing really made me sit up and do a double-take except for Marc and Sui.

But London Fashion Week is another matter. Peter Jenson's and Louise Goldin's shows really caught my eye with their bursts of colour and the incredible styling for every look.

These 2 looks above from Peter Jenson show that you can mix a dozen of colours together so long as you do it right - with a keen eye and lots of flair. I'm loving the colour block sweater and periwinkle shoes on her and the mustard cardigan and cyan socks on him!

These dresses by Louise Goldin are a breath of fresh air. That elaborate construction of the dress on the left really stands out, and with that killer colour scheme, it's a sure knock-out. But dress on right is really eye-catching too with its simple lines and shapes.

I'm no athlete but these athletic-inspired looks are lookin pretty damn good to me. All knitted no less. Goldin's mission to 'push knitwear to a future vision' is certainly well on its way here.

And...some cool, breezy looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs I most certainly wouldn't mind sporting. The vibrancy in these entire outfits is great!

Notice how the colours pick up on each other from the hat to the trimming on the cardi to the bag to the shoes in the last look! And yet it doesn't look staid because of the brilliant plaid dress! (ok i'm getting carried away here...) Same goes for the other two looks.
Now who said it's old-fashioned to match your bag and your shoes? Match them all I'd say!

image credit: style.com

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16 September 2007

I can't wait for Beirut's second album, due for release on Oct 9th. It has been leaked already though, and you can probably find links for downloads floating around, but right now I'm content just watching the videos directed by Vincent Moon of La Blogotheque which can be found on www.flyingclubcup.com, and also the take-away shows.

Here's a great track, Nantes -

This boy, he's all of 20 years. He got his old-world, gypsy folk influences bumming around Europe in his teens. He just learnt to tie his shoelaces. Apparently.

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