30 June 2007

It's all in the FAMILY.

today at sentosa

11:43 PM;

29 June 2007

a poem to my best friend

I can picture you
striding down that sidewalk
smiling broadly at everyone you pass

then at the crossing
pulling your plaid jacket up past your cheeks
crouching low to escape the wind

the wind you said
"would have blown you right away!"
for I'm thin as a sheet, or so you say

the lakes you look out to
reflect places I have yet to see
what I haven't smell, touch, embrace

a little pier, a little porch
a frozen lake that you skated across
last winter with the help of a little chair

I'm writing this coz I missed you then
and I miss you now
and I promise I'll never miss you again

10:55 PM;

26 June 2007

Pull me in tighter - Rilo Kiley

There's no need for depression
And no I don't have the blues
Wouldn't wanna go to heaven
If I can't go there with you
And yes I still count my blessings
When I am standing with you
And no I've never learned my lesson
I'm still a dedicated fool

And baby I will try for the sake of you and I
And baby I will survive all the heartbreak love inspires

There's no need for guessing
When you are faithfully true
Though my body may wander
My mind is always with you
And in the depths of destruction
There is but one golden rule
Looking out unto your neighbor
Save yourself first you silly fool

And baby I will try for the sake of you and I
And baby I will get by on whatever you provide
And baby I will survive all the heartbreak love inspires
And baby I will survive, oh I will survive

Pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, yeah
Pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, yeah
Pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, yeah
Pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, pull me in tighter, yeah

When you see me coming
Take off your running shoes
No arms and no weapons
When I am coming for you

And baby I will try for the sake of you and I
And baby I will get by on whatever you provide
And baby I will survive all the heartbreak love inspires
And baby I will survive, oh I will survive

And baby I will survive, oh I will survive (x10)

Songs are safe territory, feelings are not.

9:01 PM;

15 June 2007

Santa Monica, Grey Gardens, Okkervil River, Fillmore Theatre.

Just a note to myself because of the amazing number of times these things kept popping up here there and everywhere within days and weeks. Coincidence? Probably leads. To where or to unravel what?

But pretty obviously - they are all places in the States (Santa Monica, Fillmore Theatre), a band (Okkervil River)from the States, a movie (Grey Gardens) set in the States.

Save for Santa Monica, the other three were either totally foreign, or just something I vaguely know and recognise. Happens all the time...
these little coincidences.

I Love LA - Rilo Kiley

Cause I had a dream I was carried on backs
Of a thousand green birds
And they carried me to a place without words
And there was nothin' but there was everything

11:00 PM;

07 June 2007

Day5 - The day started off with a KTV session at the Partyworld building with Luyi. The place was so posh, a lobby, chandeliers, marble flooring, and the like.

Then to the Miramar shopping mall where there's the gigantic ferris wheel!

The view from the top.

Shilin food market. That's a snack called 大饼包小饼 if I remember correctly. The crunchy brown biscuits in the foreground are pounded on a crepe-like skin, with large sprinklings of sesame, yam or peanut, and rolled up with a flourish.

Shaven ice with mango! The ice's so soft and fine, it melts straight in your mouth. Plus lots and lots of mango cubes. Heavenly.

5:01 PM;

05 June 2007

Bwehhh! Wahh!! Lala! Wooo! Phweep!
Tracklist is out:

01 Silver Lining
02 Close Call
03 The Moneymaker
04 Breakin' Up
05 Under the Blacklight
06 Dreamworld
07 Dejalo
08 15
09 Smoke Detector
10 The Angels Hung Around
11 Give a Little Love

Press release from record company WB:
On Under the Blacklight Lewis is fiery and unrestrained, no more so than on “The Moneymaker”. With the blood of Fleetwood Mac, early Heart and The Rolling Stones’ 1978 dancefloor masterpiece “Miss You” pumping through its veins, Under The Blacklight is a gloriously decadent-sounding album, smooth dance beats balanced by the underlying lyrical motifs of the seedier side of Los Angeles life; the characters in the songs embroiled in everything from drunken one night stands to the sex industry. The album’s lyrical theme is of the darker side of life as revealed by a nightclub blacklight, each song’s character sharpened to a precise focus by Lewis’ unique, undeniable approach.
Lewis’ penchant for 60’s country music is also represented; “15”, a twisted love story of misplaced ardor, gives us the unique idea of what Bobbie Gentry might have had to say if internet dating had existed in her time. Elsewhere, Sennett dazzles with the sneaking 70’s soul of “Dreamworld”, a song so rich with gold dust that it’s liable to take you back to the days of high school mix tapes, while “Breakin’ Up” is perhaps the perfect encapsulation of what Rilo Kiley is: the song craft of Sennett and the serrated edge of Lewis' lyrics - deceptively catchy and upbeat, the song celebrates leaving a jilted lover in the dust. From opening track “Silver Lining” to closer “Give A Little Love” Lewis’ stunning vocals gives credence to the recent Laura Nyro comparisons bestowed on her by the press. In many ways Under The Blacklight is a classic Californian love child and Rilo Kiley its ardent and vivacious young parents.

I may seriously fly out to wherever they are touring in December to catch at least one gig. Hitchhike, stay in seedy motels, or sleep on a park bench or the beach in a sleeping bag, I will do it. Any takers?

11:27 PM;

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I lean my head slowly to the side, reflect on the camellia on the moss of the temple, reflect on a cup of tea, while outside the wind is rustling the foliage, the forward rush of life is crystallised in a brilliant jewel of a moment that knows neither plans nor future, human destiny is rescued from the pale succession of days, glows with light at last and, surpassing time, warms my tranquil heart.

- The Elegance of the Hedgehog,
Muriel Barbery


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